10 February, 2010

Stay Blue

Stay blue.
While we try to undo
the damage done to you,
blue mountains stay blue.

Blue mountains so high,
the clouds lie with me
we laugh at the sly smile
of the rainbow you can't see.

Blue mountains and I,
tired after a snowball fight
lit a bonfire and then
invited all the stars in sight.

Blue mountains can cry.
The rain that slapped their ground
has gone and left behind
silence with a deafening sound.

Blue Mountains don't lie.
Our snowman has melted away
the oceans look dark and angry
plotting as the skies turns grey.

Blue Mountains did try.
Bruised never broken
with courage they faced
the truth that had spoken.

Blue Mountains goodbye.
Leave us something to remind
of how we faltered -
so please leave your soul behind.

Blue Mountains won't die.
Lived a life we couldn't survive
peaceful and dignified
in my heart they are alive.

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