10 February, 2010

Rested Time

Remember me? 
I taught you to excel, blessed you on the farewell, 
ow guilty as I watch societies' pursuit to quell 
a prodigy who tried to rebel.

The neighbor's broken fence, 
our casual pretense,

a private joke between good old friends -
humor that lost its sense.

To the blues they played 
sweet love we made,

we didn't know then soon this music will fade,
and so we swayed.

Once too young to protest, 
then a boy full of zest,

my son is now a man who learnt to disrespect
with due respect.

On a night it poured, 
a traveler on board,

I asked you the time with a smile you ignored.
9'o clock, you were too bored.

Remember me by. 

If you allow I'll take my bow, 
we will meet again and you will see how,
let our time rest for now.

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