08 March, 2016

In Kashmir

जब जन्नत थी यहाँ
वो ज़माना कबका गया
आज तो आग है, जलते मकान हैं
लाल चौक पर काला झंडा मेहरबान है
खौफ में जीते इंसान हैं,
डर नहीं खौफ I

Where the mind is with fear
how is the head held high?
And if it is, is it afraid to die?
Or speak?
Khalid and Kanhaiya,
It's not what they say, it's why.
How every other day,
a top militant dies
in Kashmir.

And if Indian army is any better,
it must have killed more, and so
more than the Army and Bhakts
someone should be angry
in Kashmir.

I read this meme,
Angry Army calling
Kanhaiya a Bastard.
Define Bastard really?
I know you love that word.
We and you older people -
generations of fools
who grew up on
of everyday speech
want to respect
Motherhood finally.

Gita too implies,
it is great to die.
Best literature?
Wanna pick a fight?
Meet me outside -
of nationalism
of how many nations
again, 196 or 195?
A feeling desired
out of humans
as real, natural, ideal and befitting,
as the political borders
thus forced upon planet earth.
P.S: Borders are subject to change.
Such a shame.

Politicians welcome to support.
How, I don't know.
Considering BJP wants to punish
someone who protests
a problem first created
by ... Congress?

Hard to ignore is all the uproar
and adjournments in parliament.
Need a lesson in discourse?
No? But why? C'mon!
Some laws on election funding,
some laws for lawmakers,
some for the press.

देश का अपना channel -
is that a revamp or a clamp?
Like that of FTII
and other institutes & PSUs
- an apple of our eye?

Traitor is also
one who looks away.
We can't even play
the blame-game anymore
since the buck passed away.
In Chinese Whispers confusion dictates,
and I do not aspire
to bully freedom of states
and choice/s of its people.

It's jinxed -
any party that initiates
this mistake rectification
is meant to fall.
Fall they say, not fail,
so ring a ring o' roses,
let's all fall down
& share this pain.

And if you still
follow a religion
or have a political orientation
in passing thoughts,
or unfortunately even more often,
then you have been
seriously bamboozled!!

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