10 February, 2010

Now of a Face

City life under city lights -
blanket of security 
so we could see,
meet the devil in the eye 
the untrustworthy passerby.
Poor man, he is running too, 
to beat the good at what they do.
Puts up a bad fight
at the good mans' delight,
leaves in a hurry,
this place is a worry
for even a devil
has no time to revel
in this city life under city lights.

Those who stop and stare 
are crazy enough to be here.
Walk, talk and eat, 
together, and keep it neat.
Moving at 30 is a Land Rover
on a marvel that is the fly-over.
People forgot to fly
trying to touch the sky -
they got closer on 15th floor
yet locked behind some door
listening to music of the horns
maybe the devil warns
that it's running still
so come out if you will
keep the spirit alive -
run for someone else's life.

City life under city lights, 
where the stars are dim
how do we reach for them?
Is it money we are after? 
Our identity our master?
Or are we chasing immortality – 
to be found, not lost, in history?

Glory be. 
For one like me 
finds it hard to see
the now of a face 
lost in the pace
of this city life under city lights.

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