09 February, 2010

Little Too Late Love

Dressed in a lovely black, my aura as ever endowed,
I take a step closer to him, and make my way through the crowd.

A handsome body sitting in the corner, he stirs his drink in a jaded fashion,

shortly as he notices me, those eyes gleam with an earnest passion.

He gives me a knowing smile - one that he gave many a times before,

our actions are all the same, even the thoughts not new anymore.

"You look stunning",while he knows that I know it too,
softly I smirk and return it with a sly thank you.

Our eyes lock and I freeze to see the love that I want to see,

one I wish to live again, that moment of idyllic eternity.

Then a hand on my shoulder, "Let's go honey," I heard a voice say.

I bid him a wistful goodbye and my husband took me away.

My heart would ache, the memories would unwind 

and make it tougher to leave my love behind.

Tell me my soul mate, did we deserve a better fate?

Only if you told me earlier, only if you weren't so late.

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