10 February, 2010

A Road Downhill

Places that go nowhere, 
faces that don't care
if love is all gone 

and truth up in thin air.
So brave, so smart, 
so close, yet so far,
so many gods to bless us all 

that every reason fits,
falter I can 

as long as there are benefits.

We win a battle, await the war, 

cattle sold out for drones.
We kill a million enemies 

but we kill a million homes,
I may look perfect now 

but you and I look like clones.

Religion, a faith 

and how it took us apart,
we could have been friends 

if it wasn't for a wrong start,
but now I need to shoot you 

and play my part,
how brave, how smart.

For all the teachings at prayer halls 

we fed our families well,
forgetting those outside our walls 
like the beggar at the door,
though we're sad if he crawls, 
he knows there's saving up to do -
so we could go to the malls, 
wear a mask maybe to avoid the flu.

He knows, the beggar knows our excuse.
Can we tell his reason? 

But a sad story won't amuse
you and I, we have no time, 

no change however loose.

No one will know that we were escapists,
stopped being leaders while being in politics,
worked smart, not as hard, business for economics,
didn't fear the Almighty but called him that just for kicks.

Nobody is perfect but we even stopped trying,
brave and smart we became all this while lying,
knowing our soul lay somewhere, silenced and yet crying.

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